Organic durum wheat Fregola

A typical homemade Sardinian pasta. 500 g.


Fregola (or fregula) is a typical Sardinian pasta. It comes in different sizes, but generally it consists of semolina pasta dough that has been rolled into little balls of 2-3 mm diameter and toasted in the oven. Made from the Senatore Cappelli durum whole wheat flour, Fregola is a versatile type of pasta, it can be used to prepare some excellent salad by combining it with vegetables. It is also great to be used with tomato-based sauces with fish or alternatively with meat.

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From Nuoro with genuineness and tradition 

Artipasta is an artisan laboratory that produces and commercializes typical Sardinian pasta, situated in Nuoro, the Athens of Sardinia, globally known for being the birthplace of numerous famous people in the field of culture and literature, first among equals is Grazia Deledda, the Nobel Prize winner in literature.

By paying great attention to each stage of the production cycle, Artipasta is able to certify and guarantee the goodness of its products for a 45-day period of commercialization for fresh pasta, and a 36-month period for dried pasta. In order to provide maximum protection for consumers, it has obtained the certification for transformation of organic raw materials by the certification body Suolo e Salute.

The product line of organic dried pasta is marketed under the name of Pastaio di Nuoro, which demonstrates to its customers the strong bond with the territory and the traditions. The precious dried pasta, such as Fregola and Malloreddos belong to this line, that is exclusively made from special and selected flours such as Kamut, Senatore Cappelli, and Farro. Both the ingredients and the production processes are rigorously organic, thus guaranteeing a better nutritional contribution and preserving its product craftsmanship.

All suppliers are selected by Artipasta directly in Sardinia, thus creating a short supply chain that starts from the ingredients to the production processes, which guarantees consumers its respect for the environment and its ethical approach to work.


Sardinian Pasta as if made at home

Fregola is a typical Sardinian water and semolina-based pasta, originated in Campidano, the south of Sardinia. The pasta comes in different sizes with the shape of little ball of 2-3mm diameter toasted in the oven. A simple product of popular tradition, it is nowadays widespread and popularly used, which is prepared according to ancient recipes, as if it was made at home by the laborious hands of grandmothers.

The flour used is “entirely Italian”, the Senatore Cappelli, which are the whole wheat cultivars obtained in the early 20th century and widely grown in Sardinia for several decades. In particular, it is an awned wheat as it contains the typical filaments of Poaceae (or Gramineae). Rediscovered in recent years for its abundance of beneficial properties and nutritional values. It contains a higher amount of vitamins, minerals, lipids and amino acids than common wheat. A high-quality product whose properties guarantee a greater digestibility too.

It is ideal for every type of recipe. Fregola is a versatile type of pasta, it can be used to prepare some excellent salad. It is also great to be used with tomato-based sauces with fish or alternatively with meat.


Nutritional table

Nutritional information for 100g of product

Energy Value 370 Kcal – 1573 KJ
Fats 1,3 g
of which Saturated Fatty Acid 0,1g
Carbohydrate 76,1 g
of which sugars 1,1 g
Dietary fiber 1,7 g
Proteins 13,5 g
Salt 0,02 g

Additional information


Nùoro, Barbagia, Sardinia, Italy


Artipasta, brand of Pastaio di Nuoro

Full name

Fregola Bio di Grano Senatore Cappelli


"Senatore Cappelli" organic durum wheat flour, water.


ideal for any type of recipe, combined with vegetables for salads, excellent with tomato sauce, with fish and meat.

Cooking time

8 minutes

Shelf life

dry fregola can be stored for 36 months in a cool and dry place.


500 g bag


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