Cannonau & Myrtle Jelly

Black grapes and red myrtle berries of Sardinia 120g jar


Sardinian Cannonau wine and myrtle souls come together in a fragrant and aromatic niche product, for those who have a passion for the gourmet and research refined and unforgettable combinations at the table. Excellent as a dessert, it goes well with different types of cheese from the island tradition.

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Innovation at the table 

In the North of Sardinia, in Valledoria, at the mouth of the Coghinas River, in a wonderful coastal area, located between the Costa Paradiso and Castelsardo, stands the Ampuria’s craft workshop, which realizes, with traditional recipes and an accurate choice of raw materials, products in oil, jams and jellies.

The Ampuria’s line of jellies is addressed to niche consumers, for those with a passion for gourmets and table research, refined and unforgettable combinations that recall the natural flavors of tradition with eyes turned to the research and innovation, without neglecting the respect for the environment and the territory.


Cannonau and Sardinia myrtle soul 

Cannonau wine and myrtle, two ingredients unmissable in the Sardinians diet, which we find in this fragrant and aromatic niche product, fused into a single soul. The warm and intense taste of black grapes harmoniously marries the scent of dried red myrtle berries, to give a violet jelly with an authentic taste, easily spreadable, excellent for flavoring different dishes as a dessert, served with strawberries or wild berries, ricotta and goat’s yogurt, delicious if tasted in combination with different types of traditional and grassy cheese.



Cannonau wine 68,5%
Myrtle 0,1%

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120 g jar.


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