Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

The main grape variety cultivated in Sardinia


According to various archaeological studies, Cannonau wine Sardinian ancestor already existed in antiquity in the Nuragic civilization. It has a really high antioxidant content, from 5 to 10 times higher than other red wines. It pairs well with cold cut appetizers, pasta, not very flavoury first courses, stocks and fish soups, baked anchovies, chicken and rabbit stew, beef, lamb, game (venison, game).

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A history long sixty years

Dorgali Winery has been for more than 60 years one of the most important companies in the Sardinian wine industry.

Located in the center of the Cannonau traditional area, between large valleys, plateaus and terraced slopes, situated between Supramonte and Gulf of Orosei, it produces unique and high quality wines which enhance the culture, history and traditions of the region. This variety is, to this day, the most widely cultivated vine in Sardinia.

During the harvest season, the pickup of the grapes is still carried out by hand. 650 hectares of cultivated vineyards and about 27.000 q of grapes are produced respecting and taking care of every single plant, according to the teachings transmitted from father to son.

Dorgali Winery has managed to obtain important awards such as “The medal of Cangrande” 2016 at the Vinitaly and numerous awards given to individual wines, during the most important national and international events.

The ultra-centenarians wine

Cannonau, also known as Grenache or Garnacha, is the main vine variety cultivated in Sardinia. It has always been known as a variety originated from Spain, new scientific evidence suggests that probably the ancestor wine of Cannonau already existed in antiquity and came from Sardinia. As a matter of fact, a team of archeologists found grape seeds buried in a Nuragic settlement dated over 3000 years and from the Latin Epigraphs of the 2nd century a.C. in which are listed names of Sardinian people over one hundred year old.

Starting from these assumptions, a team of scientists has carried out various scientific researches which show that drinking Cannonau wine every day, during meals, has a beneficial effect on human cells. The wine contains substances such as resveratrol and coumaric acid, which regulate the free radical production and in Cannonau have antioxidant properties from 5 to 10 times higher than other red wines.

The conclusion is that Cannonau wine is an elixir of youth and drinking two glasses a day helps to make you live longer.

Additional information



Alcohol by volume

14 %

Bottle size



ruby red, bright and pure brilliant dress.


full of fruit flavors, with strong vinosity and hints of cherry, intense and medium persistence.


in cement vats

Serving temperature

It has to be served as soon as opened at 16-20°C.


Cantina Soc. Dorgali, Nùoro

Sardinia Brand

I VIni delle Brezze

Variety of grapes

100% Cannonau


the grapes are strictly hand-picked and kept in boxes. After destemming and a soft maceration of the skins, the grapes are pressed gently. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks.


traditional, Cuves, bottle.

Decanting time



Dry and fresh, floral and fruity, velvety and soft, the body is well structured with the right quantity of tannins and a good palate-nose balance.

Food combinations

aperitif for appetizers and snacks, combined with shellfish and vegetarian meals, or with white meats, soft cheeses and fruit salads.

Shelf life

at least 6-8 years


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